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Named to honor Goliad, Colonel James Walker Fannin, Camp Fannin was officially dedicated as a U.S. Army infantry Replacement Training Center in March of 1943 and was located northeast of Tyler, Texas. It served to provide infantry replacements to many sites of combat from 1943-1946. Today, the memory and history of Camp Fannin is preserved and displayed for the public so others can be educated on Camp Fannin's role in WWII.

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Camp Fannin Texas was established in 1943 during WWII as an army infantry replacement training camp. It also served as a POW camp for captured German soldiers. During the war, over 200,000 men were trained there as army infantry replacements. Today, the Camp Fannin Association aims to preserve the history of this historical site and help educate the public on the history of Camp Fannin. Another goal is to help maintain and develop museums and artifacts that pertain to Camp Fannin and WWII.

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Historical Snapshots

Check out even more historical photos from Camp Fannin HERE.

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INFANTRY DAY - 15 june 1944 Officers and men of 14th Training Regt., Camp Fannin, Texas, parading in City of Tyler, Texas.

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Flag raising ceremony at Camp Fannin, Texas

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The hospital at Camp Fannin. This building later became the UT Heath Center.

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INFANTRY DAY - 15 June 1944 Officers and men of the 14th Training Regiment at bivouac in open field adjacent to City of Tyler, Texas, where they paraded (1030 hour). Officers and men in foreground lining us for field mess.