Camp Fannin was established in the spring of 1943 as a U.S. Army Infantry Replacement Training Center and also served as a German Prisoner-Of-War camp during World War II, located in Tyler, TX. It is named after a TX revolutionary war hero, Colonel James Walker Fannin, who was massacred at Goliad. Camp Fannin is credited for training over 200,000 U.S. soldiers, and sometimes as many as 40,000 at one given time. It was returned to non-military use in 1946 and a section of the land was given to Texas, when the military hospital was transformed to the East Texas Tuberculosis Santorium, and later into the University of Tyler, Tx Health Center. A memorial stands at the U.T. Health Center at Tyler. The memorial is off Highway 271 and includes nice benches to take a break at, a historical monument of a solider, and history of the camp.




The Camp Fannin Association is on a mission to gather information, artifacts, photo's of camp era times, service men and women who served at the camp, battalion photo's and all memoribillia that relates to WWII.



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